Foulke [Harper], Kathy

Singing in the choir, especially on Sunday mornings. Alpha Xi Delta and my friends there. Dr. Devor, driving 80 miles to visit my mother in Erie in her last illness. Education after Allegheny No additional formal education, but I have certifications in IBM IT and business skills.  Marriage In July of 1967, I married Tom Harper, formerly of Allegheny and Delta Tau Delta, who was an Electronic Warfare Officer in the US Air Force.  We lived in Sacramento California (close to Mather AFB) and on base at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, South Dakota.  He had 6 month tours to Vietnam, and we divorced in 1970.  We remain friends, and last saw more »

Hickernell, Donald Curtis [Curt]

I was a commuter student since we lived just down the hill on Highland Ave., so didn’t have too much interaction with many others.  I enjoyed my times working at Reis Library and the Physics Dept.  As a result I did meet my future wife, Cindy Witmer – fond memories of Carr Hall. Education after Allegheny We spent 5 years in Seattle attending graduate school at the University of Washington and then I spent a 2 year post-doc at Stevens IT in Hoboken, NJ in low temperature physics. Marriage We married in August following graduation and will celebrate 50 years soon. Where we’ve lived In addition to Seattle and Hoboken, more »

Witmer [Hickernell], Lucinda [Cindy]

I remember watching Carr Hall, where I would spend a lot of time, being built Freshman year – actually had to write a paper about it for G 1! Good memories of dorm mates, classmates, lab mates and summer research work at Carr.  I was waiting to get the last of my students out of Organic lab one afternoon when the famous North East power outage happened in Nov. ‘65.  I immediately looked over at the doorway as I thought someone had leaned against the light switch! As a Chem major I had to take Physics – met and married my lab assistant! Education after Allegheny We married in August more »

McQuade [Hedden], Peggy

Education after Allegheny I was one of several students who went on the Washington Semester Program in January of our junior year.  The main focus was studying and interviewing people working in the federal government–legislative, executive, and judicial, plus the media covering Washington.  We met people with a lot of educational backgrounds, but the background that seemed most versatile was a legal one.  Since my hope  was to work in government, I decided to go to law school after Allegheny, to the University of Chicago.  As an undergraduate in political science and history, I  learned to put things together; at law school  we were taught how to take things apart. more »

Heestand [Skinner], Diane

There are many memories . . . joyful . . . vivid learning experiences . . . and kindnesses from classmates, teachers, and staff.  Moonlight on the trees and snow around Bentley Kleeman approaching me on the sidewalk a few days after failing my first midterm exam in his class (my first written exam ever) and asking me how I was doing Donuts and cider Living in the land of Oz Let out of the freshmen dorm after hours by the counselor Education after Allegheny Immediately after Allegheny, I attended the University of Wyoming and completed a master’s in American Civilization.  Over the next several years I completed a doctorate more »

Holmes [Areson], Ann

As you may remember, Allegheny had some pretty rigid curfews for freshman women. I guess they thought if we were locked up in our dorm early in the evening, we couldn’t get in trouble nor would there be as many problems on campus in general. The only ”late minutes” I got in my freshman year were when my adviser, Professor (Captain) Kidd, took my roommate Leslie and me to Hank’s for frozen custard one spring evening. He got us back to South Hall a few minutes after the doors had been locked. Fast forward to senior year. I was a Resident Adviser in South Hall and, as part of the more »