Terrill, Robert [Bob]

As I start to process these memories, one memory jumps to another, and this experience is like dominoes falling, and I end up with a memory that’s miles from the first one.  Some are memories that have arisen many times since I graduated (why was I such a mediocre student?), and the same answers come back (attitude). Some are memories that I don’t want (during an AXP meeting I used an inappropriate nickname the Brothers had for a Brother that I thought he knew about.  His comments and the looks of others ⇒ great embarrassment for me).  Reading Bob Allen’s account of Gator Daze reminded me of the Crow Pledges more »

Thompson, Paul

I remember Gator football, great teammates and coaches Chuckran and Sabol.  Have fond memories of my FIJI frat brothers and all the dumb stuff we did.  Remember Woodcock Creek keggers and fishing.  Remember my Dad taking me into George’s for our first beer together and the marvelous hot beef au jus sandwiches at Rudy’s Blue Star.  Also there are hazy memories of Senior Week—what a sweet send-off after four years as a Gator. Education after Allegheny 1978 I finished a Master of Business Administration degree at Eastern Washington U. and was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma honorary business society.  In 1981-82 the Air Force sent me to a year of more »

Thoburn [Dorr], Isabella [Bitty]

The summer following graduation from Allegheny I jumped right into my first job and first marriage. That first job at a therapeutic nursery school and kindergarten was like three years of graduate school. Hanna Perkins School was based on the work of Anna Freud who believed that the best therapeutic work done with young children who were struggling with developmental issues was via their parent(s). All of the parent(s) were in weekly parent guidance with a therapist. As a classroom teacher I carried a caseload of up to five children and wrote weekly reports which were shared at conferences held each week with the appropriate therapist. Two to three times more »

Rogers [Truesdell], Pat

I grew up in Ohio, and Allegheny was the only college I applied to.  I lived on 3-C and those girls became like a family to me.  My father was a dentist, and the summer before I came to Allegheny, he decided i needed braces.  I am the oldest of 6 kids, and iI think my dad wanted to tone down my extra-curricular activities.  I am not sure that worked, because I spent a lot of hours visiting with floormates and doing all the things that college freshmen do.  I was a senator to student government my freshman year and joined Alpha Chi sorority. I had always planned to be more »