Classmate Story

Miller, Thomas B [Tom]

My most lasting memories center around singing, which I had never done before I got to Allegheny…being told as a pledge that I had to sing in the Phi Delt Ensemble, and to try out for the Singers (thank you Phil Jones), Luvy graciously letting me in, singing in small groups on the way to dinner after rehearsal, winding up directing the Ensemble and winning Greek Sing. Also bit of baseball and being fired by Garby because I wanted to go on the Choir spring trip rather than the baseball trip; intramurals and quiet evening walks in the Spring and in the winter snow; trying to decide what to major more »

Foulke [Harper], Kathy

Singing in the choir, especially on Sunday mornings. Alpha Xi Delta and my friends there. Dr. Devor, driving 80 miles to visit my mother in Erie in her last illness. Education after Allegheny No additional formal education, but I have certifications in IBM IT and business skills.  Marriage In July of 1967, I married Tom Harper, formerly of Allegheny and Delta Tau Delta, who was an Electronic Warfare Officer in the US Air Force.  We lived in Sacramento California (close to Mather AFB) and on base at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, South Dakota.  He had 6 month tours to Vietnam, and we divorced in 1970.  We remain friends, and last saw more »

Luine, Victoria [Vicky]

I remember:  Being awed by such an amazing campus, all brick and ivy.  RAIN.  Making nice, interesting, new friends.  RAIN.  Attending amazing classes.  RAIN.  Getting tonsillitis, but having a great infirmary.  Watching Organic Chemistry experiments explode!  RAIN.  Performing in Orchesis dance productions and the Variety show, and more RAIN AND SNOW!  Education after Allegheny PhD in Pharmacology, SUNY Buffalo Marriage See below Where I have lived Buffalo – moved there after graduation and lived with Ann Lignian for three years, a fellow Allegheny Alpha Chi (we never ran into any Alleghenians???).  Then to NYC’s Rockefeller University for post doctoral study.  Met amazing Allegheny Alums Nancy Sutton, Silas Mountsier and John more »

Terrill, Robert [Bob]

As I start to process these memories, one memory jumps to another, and this experience is like dominoes falling, and I end up with a memory that’s miles from the first one.  Some are memories that have arisen many times since I graduated (why was I such a mediocre student?), and the same answers come back (attitude). Some are memories that I don’t want (during an AXP meeting I used an inappropriate nickname the Brothers had for a Brother that I thought he knew about.  His comments and the looks of others ⇒ great embarrassment for me).  Reading Bob Allen’s account of Gator Daze reminded me of the Crow Pledges more »

Scott, Steve

As the first in my family to attend college my most vivid memory is of the fear of not knowing what to expect.  Another memory comes from the great times (believe it or not) that I had working in the cafeteria.  Then, there was the Student Chaperon Committee. What a great job. I don’t think any fraternity was ever cited for a violation during my tenure. These two situations gave me a chance to get to know many wonderful people, who to this day I still vividly recall and smile happily when I do so. One final memory—Nels Juleus.  I kept in touch with Professor Juleus until he lost his more »

Bentz, Greg

Most of those memories are pretty foggy by now… BUT I certainly remember largely being lost at AC on arrival. Having come from Novelty Ohio and being the first in my family to attend college it was like catching a cannonball. Mercifully Chuck Unger took me under his wing and saved me. I was most fortunate being in the same dorm Caflisch. with DJ, Jon Swanson and Jeff Steinbrink as I recall Bill Campbell was there as well. Soon we linked up with Rico Chamberlin and the rest as they say is history. The Phi Delt house was perfect for me: eclectic and diverse; two attributes that provide stability. I more »

Von Schlick [Klipsie], Doreen

The following is an excerpt from the letter I received from Doreen on 5/16/2017 Doreen’ Story I have taught 6th and 7th grades in Bethel Park School District for 40 years and have been retired for 10 years. I’m married with no children. We live in Bethel Park, PA 15102 in a typical surburban house with a 140 lb mixed Beagle & Great Pyrenees – she, of course, runs the house. Life has been good to me. I thank God for that. PS: Where did those 50 years go !?!!

Simica, Robert [Bob]

Well I think of Allegheny every day. Why you may ask? In my junior year a fraternity brother wiped out my right knee while playing “touch” football behind the house. So the aches and pains of old age center around that knee. I also remember when political science went from being a relatively easy major to being so hard that I almost did not graduate. I remember the snow. And then I remember the snow. And then I remember the snow crunching under my feet heading to the library that seemed to be heated to 100 degrees in comparison. I remember “fishbowls” and I remember the music. I listen to more »

Orellana, William [Bill]

Many of my memories seem amazingly close to those of others who have posted.  Of course, we lived in a small world back then — fairly protected and controlled, even if we did think we were now independent and on our own.  But i do remember trying out for Allegheny Singers as a freshman — purely on a whim — had no real choir experience in high school.  Made it and really enjoyed over 3 years of participation, tours, and overall music appreciation, especially the leadership of Dr. Luvaas.  He seemed to direct as much with his eyes as with his hands.  Pledging AXP and becoming part of an internal more »

Wilcox, Michel [Mike]

In high school, I couldn’t wait to get off the farm, go to college, become a famous scientist, and get rich.  I went to Allegheny, partied too much (especially on Water Street), barely got a BS in chemistry, worked five years as an industrial engineer for Republic Steel, and returned to the farm.  (Shortly after I left, Republic Steel went down the tubes).  Back on the farm, I milked cows for about eight years, and, being naturally lazy, switched to raising corn and soybeans.  This only involved working six months of the year. Education after Allegheny Through no fault of Allegheny’s, I learned how much I hadn’t learned while I more »