Miller, Thomas B [Tom]

My most lasting memories center around singing, which I had never done before I got to Allegheny…being told as a pledge that I had to sing in the Phi Delt Ensemble, and to try out for the Singers (thank you Phil Jones), Luvy graciously letting me in, singing in small groups on the way to dinner after rehearsal, winding up directing the Ensemble and winning Greek Sing. Also bit of baseball and being fired by Garby because I wanted to go on the Choir spring trip rather than the baseball trip; intramurals and quiet evening walks in the Spring and in the winter snow; trying to decide what to major more »

Foulke [Harper], Kathy

Singing in the choir, especially on Sunday mornings. Alpha Xi Delta and my friends there. Dr. Devor, driving 80 miles to visit my mother in Erie in her last illness. Education after Allegheny No additional formal education, but I have certifications in IBM IT and business skills.  Marriage In July of 1967, I married Tom Harper, formerly of Allegheny and Delta Tau Delta, who was an Electronic Warfare Officer in the US Air Force.  We lived in Sacramento California (close to Mather AFB) and on base at Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, South Dakota.  He had 6 month tours to Vietnam, and we divorced in 1970.  We remain friends, and last saw more »

Orellana, William [Bill]

Many of my memories seem amazingly close to those of others who have posted.  Of course, we lived in a small world back then — fairly protected and controlled, even if we did think we were now independent and on our own.  But i do remember trying out for Allegheny Singers as a freshman — purely on a whim — had no real choir experience in high school.  Made it and really enjoyed over 3 years of participation, tours, and overall music appreciation, especially the leadership of Dr. Luvaas.  He seemed to direct as much with his eyes as with his hands.  Pledging AXP and becoming part of an internal more »

Ball [Socci], Cyndee

South Hall, 4A, freshmen year – those names and faces are still so very clear and accessible, whether fit for public viewing, or even in those crazy big hair rollers many of us had! Self discovery came in many ways – late night chats, unexpected grades both good and bad, surprising friendships made and cherished, and the deep exposure to liberal arts. The smallest moments are among the most treasured. I want to also keep alive the memory of my dear friend Anne Lyndall also from 4A, who became our daughter Annie’s namesake and Godmother. I’ve added a photo of her too. Education after Allegheny After having been a math more »

Fields [McGrath], Laura

Hmmm. Twenty-five instant sisters freshman year on our hall – an exhilarating experience for a shy only child finally away from home. Exceptional teaching – especially Dr. Madtes, Dr. Ketchum, Dr. Devor, Mr. Heeschan, and Mr. Logan. I still value and use the rigor and discipline I learned particularly from Dr. Madtes. Singing – Chapel Choir, then Allegheny Singers. Special friendships, some of which remain strong to this day. And meeting Tom McGrath in the nick of time,  just before he graduated. Education after Allegheny M.A. in English (is there any other major?) at Alfred University, part time while I was teaching (also part time) and raising two babies (more more »

Friedt [Perez], Rebecca [Becky]

Freshman dining room South Hall. A great way to bond with classmates! Dozens of games of Hearts after meals. 4th Floor Brooks Hall Quad sophomore year. Folks loved to drop by to visit. Standing under an umbrella in COLD rain watching soccer. Education after Allegheny At age 46 this English Major/stay at home mom who never planned on a career became a CPA. Marriage Met (1967) & married (1968) Carlos Perez in Denver. (He already knew a few Allegheny grads from Lowry AFB where I thought they were in spy school. He never believed Allegheny was a small school because we kept running into Allegheny grads in Denver & then more »

Fee [Van Zuiden], Janet

Greek Sing, fishbowls at Teddy’s, trips to the Red & White, selling doughnuts for the Angel Flight Education after Allegheny I took a few graduate courses while working at Pitt.  I finished my masters in counseling psychology at Seton Hall in New Jersey. Marriage I was briefly married in the early ‘70s.  I moved to Chicago in 1980 and met my husband, Paul, in 1982.  We’ve been married since 1983.   Where I’ve lived I moved to NYC after college with Isabelle Crabb, Sandra Millard and Cyndee Ball.  We had a wonderful apartment on E 72nd Street.  I lived in Pittsburgh from 1970 to 1973, New Jersey from 1973 to more »

Schaerer, Wendy

I spent my freshman year at Allegheny and then transferred to Drew University in New Jersey.  In addition to having transferred out, I was one of a small number of freshmen women who lived in Brooks Hall, so, though I had some friends in our class, I has as many or more in other classes.   I may at some point come to a choir reunion – being in Chapel Choir is one of my best Allegheny memories. I majored in political science at Drew University with minors in French and economics.  I was very fortunate to participate in the first Drew semester in Brussels focusing on what was then called more »

Holmes [Areson], Ann

As you may remember, Allegheny had some pretty rigid curfews for freshman women. I guess they thought if we were locked up in our dorm early in the evening, we couldn’t get in trouble nor would there be as many problems on campus in general. The only ”late minutes” I got in my freshman year were when my adviser, Professor (Captain) Kidd, took my roommate Leslie and me to Hank’s for frozen custard one spring evening. He got us back to South Hall a few minutes after the doors had been locked. Fast forward to senior year. I was a Resident Adviser in South Hall and, as part of the more »