Honor Students

Miller, Thomas B [Tom]

My most lasting memories center around singing, which I had never done before I got to Allegheny…being told as a pledge that I had to sing in the Phi Delt Ensemble, and to try out for the Singers (thank you Phil Jones), Luvy graciously letting me in, singing in small groups on the way to dinner after rehearsal, winding up directing the Ensemble and winning Greek Sing. Also bit of baseball and being fired by Garby because I wanted to go on the Choir spring trip rather than the baseball trip; intramurals and quiet evening walks in the Spring and in the winter snow; trying to decide what to major more »

Fields [McGrath], Laura

Hmmm. Twenty-five instant sisters freshman year on our hall – an exhilarating experience for a shy only child finally away from home. Exceptional teaching – especially Dr. Madtes, Dr. Ketchum, Dr. Devor, Mr. Heeschan, and Mr. Logan. I still value and use the rigor and discipline I learned particularly from Dr. Madtes. Singing – Chapel Choir, then Allegheny Singers. Special friendships, some of which remain strong to this day. And meeting Tom McGrath in the nick of time,  just before he graduated. Education after Allegheny M.A. in English (is there any other major?) at Alfred University, part time while I was teaching (also part time) and raising two babies (more more »

McQuade [Hedden], Peggy

Education after Allegheny I was one of several students who went on the Washington Semester Program in January of our junior year.  The main focus was studying and interviewing people working in the federal government–legislative, executive, and judicial, plus the media covering Washington.  We met people with a lot of educational backgrounds, but the background that seemed most versatile was a legal one.  Since my hope  was to work in government, I decided to go to law school after Allegheny, to the University of Chicago.  As an undergraduate in political science and history, I  learned to put things together; at law school  we were taught how to take things apart. more »

Allen, Robert [Bob]

My four years at Allegheny was the time in my life when all things seemed possible.  I remember having very positive feelings about the college, my classmates, and our collective future.  I was convinced of the essential goodness of all people.  I was very optimistic and also very naive.   My years at Allegheny were when I really grew up and I am very grateful to the school for the opportunities I was given.   I have many memories, my hallmates on Baldwin Hall freshman year,  my fraternity, Alpha Chi Rho, (now defunct at Allegheny), and the  fraternity brothers who were collectively a  good group of people and  good citizens of more »

Heestand [Skinner], Diane

There are many memories . . . joyful . . . vivid learning experiences . . . and kindnesses from classmates, teachers, and staff.  Moonlight on the trees and snow around Bentley Kleeman approaching me on the sidewalk a few days after failing my first midterm exam in his class (my first written exam ever) and asking me how I was doing Donuts and cider Living in the land of Oz Let out of the freshmen dorm after hours by the counselor Education after Allegheny Immediately after Allegheny, I attended the University of Wyoming and completed a master’s in American Civilization.  Over the next several years I completed a doctorate more »

Friedt [Perez], Rebecca [Becky]

Freshman dining room South Hall. A great way to bond with classmates! Dozens of games of Hearts after meals. 4th Floor Brooks Hall Quad sophomore year. Folks loved to drop by to visit. Standing under an umbrella in COLD rain watching soccer. Education after Allegheny At age 46 this English Major/stay at home mom who never planned on a career became a CPA. Marriage Met (1967) & married (1968) Carlos Perez in Denver. (He already knew a few Allegheny grads from Lowry AFB where I thought they were in spy school. He never believed Allegheny was a small school because we kept running into Allegheny grads in Denver & then more »

Thoburn [Dorr], Isabella [Bitty]

The summer following graduation from Allegheny I jumped right into my first job and first marriage. That first job at a therapeutic nursery school and kindergarten was like three years of graduate school. Hanna Perkins School was based on the work of Anna Freud who believed that the best therapeutic work done with young children who were struggling with developmental issues was via their parent(s). All of the parent(s) were in weekly parent guidance with a therapist. As a classroom teacher I carried a caseload of up to five children and wrote weekly reports which were shared at conferences held each week with the appropriate therapist. Two to three times more »

Holmes [Areson], Ann

As you may remember, Allegheny had some pretty rigid curfews for freshman women. I guess they thought if we were locked up in our dorm early in the evening, we couldn’t get in trouble nor would there be as many problems on campus in general. The only ”late minutes” I got in my freshman year were when my adviser, Professor (Captain) Kidd, took my roommate Leslie and me to Hank’s for frozen custard one spring evening. He got us back to South Hall a few minutes after the doors had been locked. Fast forward to senior year. I was a Resident Adviser in South Hall and, as part of the more »

McCormick, Pete

I had done well at Pittsburgh Central Catholic High School, I was encouraged to attend college.  No one in my family had gone through a four year College experience, so I had no idea how the selection process  worked.  To make a long story short, I ended up at Allegheny because its name started with “A” so I found it quickly in that very large college book (and it gave me the most in scholarship and loan aid).  At Allegheny, I lived on Third Main with a great group of freshman, all of whom contributed greatly to my maturation process.  I joined PDT at the suggestion of Ric Upjohn, to more »