IFC (Inter-Fraternity Council)

Allen, Robert [Bob]

My four years at Allegheny was the time in my life when all things seemed possible.  I remember having very positive feelings about the college, my classmates, and our collective future.  I was convinced of the essential goodness of all people.  I was very optimistic and also very naive.   My years at Allegheny were when I really grew up and I am very grateful to the school for the opportunities I was given.   I have many memories, my hallmates on Baldwin Hall freshman year,  my fraternity, Alpha Chi Rho, (now defunct at Allegheny), and the  fraternity brothers who were collectively a  good group of people and  good citizens of more »

Ackerly, James [Jim]

During graduation week, a bunch of us were out “playing” soccer on the main street that runs through the campus around 1 am..Paul Thomson and some Phi Gams were a part of the group…When I went back to the Phi Psi fraternity house, John (Bang Bang) Robinson for whatever insane reason threw a beer bottle at a wall as I was coming up the back stairs. The bottle shattered glass fragments that hit my head causing a lot of bleeding. Skip Haller, Larry Hobbs and Jay Sampson rushed me to the Meadville Hospital ER, but no one was around. One of them hit the fire alarm, and all kinds of more »

Swanson, Jon

As I tried to think back and identify my earliest memory of Allegheny, I discovered a coincidence that had not occurred to me before.  My first visit to campus was just after my sophomore year in high school and it was to celebrate my grandfather whose class was having it’s 50th reunion at Allegheny.  My family traveled all the way from Illinois to watch the Class of 1911 receive their new diplomas.  So I already have great memories of one Allegheny 50th Reunion and can’t wait to collect more this June. Education after Allegheny After two years in Allegheny’s Admissions Office, I headed to Indiana University to work on a more »

Thompson, Paul

I remember Gator football, great teammates and coaches Chuckran and Sabol.  Have fond memories of my FIJI frat brothers and all the dumb stuff we did.  Remember Woodcock Creek keggers and fishing.  Remember my Dad taking me into George’s for our first beer together and the marvelous hot beef au jus sandwiches at Rudy’s Blue Star.  Also there are hazy memories of Senior Week—what a sweet send-off after four years as a Gator. Education after Allegheny 1978 I finished a Master of Business Administration degree at Eastern Washington U. and was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma honorary business society.  In 1981-82 the Air Force sent me to a year of more »