Ranney, Michael Omar

I debated with myself about what to put on my name tag for the reunion.  I’m currently known as “Michael” and that’s what will be on my name tag.  But many of you probably remember me as “Omar”. I’ll answer to either.  At some point over reunion weekend I may cross out Michael and write in Omar. I have many great memories of my Gator Days.  There are many people I consider friends but sadly have not kept in touch with.  I’m hoping we reconnect at the reunion and keep in touch.  I remember my Allegheny years as being fun; a great educational experience with plenty of drama! What great groups more »

Thompson, Paul

I remember Gator football, great teammates and coaches Chuckran and Sabol.  Have fond memories of my FIJI frat brothers and all the dumb stuff we did.  Remember Woodcock Creek keggers and fishing.  Remember my Dad taking me into George’s for our first beer together and the marvelous hot beef au jus sandwiches at Rudy’s Blue Star.  Also there are hazy memories of Senior Week—what a sweet send-off after four years as a Gator. Education after Allegheny 1978 I finished a Master of Business Administration degree at Eastern Washington U. and was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma honorary business society.  In 1981-82 the Air Force sent me to a year of more »