Photos updated to the website

Photos from the Reunion have been updated to the website. Just click on the Photos menu item at the top of the page. The slideshow of photo memories that was shown at the reunion dinner is available as well as photos taken at the reunion by classmates and the college photographer.

Reunion Weekend Registration Opens Mon March 6th

Reunion Weekend registration officially opens on March 6, so we hope you are getting ready to submit your reservations for this landmark occasion! Click here for the list of those people who have told us they “intend” to come to our 50th reunion June 1–4. It is exciting, as we may have record attendance, and we hope you will add your name to the list!

Reunion info to aid in your planning

The official reunion begins with a ’67 class cocktail reception June 1st at 5:00 p.m. followed by our opening class dinner. A golf outing will be available Thursday morning at 10:00 a.m.; simultaneously, there will be a shuttle for those who wish to go to Campbell Pottery Store. You will not want to miss the 50th Diploma Ceremony at 9:00 a.m. Friday immediately followed by a class picture. The dress code is casual/smart — ties are not necessary and jackets for closing dinner are optional. Be mindful of weather predictions. There will be transportation around campus via golf carts available all weekend. Reunion Weekend concludes on Sunday with a class more »

Zeeb, Jim

I remember skate boarding down the hill from campus to the Phi Delt house. I would start up at Brooks Hall. There was a cross street and stoplight at the bottom of the hill. I figured out how to time it so that I would hit the light at the bottom of the hill when it was green. Sometimes I would pass a car on the way down. Good thing they never changed the timing on that light. I’ve always loved speed. Skiing fast; Riding road bikes fast; Driving fast cars; almost anything fast. If I were independently wealthy when I graduated, I would have been a Grand Prix racecar driver. more »