Friedt [Perez], Rebecca [Becky]

Freshman dining room South Hall. A great way to bond with classmates! Dozens of games of Hearts after meals. 4th Floor Brooks Hall Quad sophomore year. Folks loved to drop by to visit. Standing under an umbrella in COLD rain watching soccer.

Education after Allegheny

At age 46 this English Major/stay at home mom who never planned on a career became a CPA.


Met (1967) & married (1968) Carlos Perez in Denver. (He already knew a few Allegheny grads from Lowry AFB where I thought they were in spy school. He never believed Allegheny was a small school because we kept running into Allegheny grads in Denver & then in NYC). Carlos had a long career first with FDA and then with the Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC). In 1991 he was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis & was given 1-3 years to survive. Fortunately he was able to continue to work at the job he loved at CPSC for another 11 years & survived 18 years of medical challenges before the disease took him from us in 2009. He was a great, fun loving guy who put family above all.

Where We’ve lived

Sandy Bream & I moved to Denver after graduation. We looked for Annie D & Patty (really? Kappas following Thetas?) who had moved there before us. It was at their apt building I first met Carlos Perez. Carlos & I lived in NYC for years of free wheeling NYC fun and moved to Vienna VA in 1972 with our year old son to the house where I still live.

My jobs

After graduation I worked for Aetna as a medical claims processor in Denver and then in NYC in my beloved lower Manhattan. This was filler until time to have children.  The first best job I ever had was as full time mom to my 2 kids. I was fired from that job when our daughter entered 1st grade. I ended up as a CPA/Controller for a home building company for 20 years. I loved that job and I left it for my second best job which is as part of the care taking team for my grandchildren.

Our children / grandchildren

Carlos & I raised 2 beloved children. Our son, DIL & 2 grandsons live 15 min east of me & our daughter, SIL & 2 granddaughters live 15 min west of me. Good fortune indeed! Our children are much more educated than we — son BS, MA, JD; daughter BS, MS, RD. Most of all they are loving parents to their kids & loving children to us-now me.


In 2005 I left paying work for working without pay. 3 days a week I take some responsibility for Grands! Sometimes it’s just seeing them onto buses (arriving at their house at 6AM) and off buses in the afternoon. Sometimes it’s an all day fest. Carlos & I did this together starting with babies in 2002 and it will come to an end at some point as they get older.

Current activities / hobbies

My family is a center of activity for me and it is lovely that we all attend the same church – Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fairfax. I have loved being active there and having a spiritual community for 45 years. I value my book club of many years — yes, we read the books.  I’m happy to have had free time in recent years to be able to support friends in need in various ways. Also time to spend with HS & college friends. I was fortunate to get past age 70 before meeting a health concern of my own. I have every reason to believe that by reunion time my breast cancer will be a mere memory.

My contact Info

Address:  2634 Wooster Ct, Vienna VA 22180
Phone:  703.573.4470

Freshman Book

Becky and 4 Grands

KΩ Class of ’67 NYC reunion fall 2016: Becky Friedt Perez, Sandy Bream Ferraro, Mary Haines Moore, Vicky Luine Russell, Nancy McCreight, Joan Jaeckel Corderman

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05/08/2017 at 3:15 pm

As of today, I’m coming to the reunion! Can’t wait to reconnect after so many years!!


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