Hickernell, Donald Curtis [Curt]

I was a commuter student since we lived just down the hill on Highland Ave., so didn’t have too much interaction with many others.  I enjoyed my times working at Reis Library and the Physics Dept.  As a result I did meet my future wife, Cindy Witmer – fond memories of Carr Hall.

Education after Allegheny

We spent 5 years in Seattle attending graduate school at the University of Washington and then I spent a 2 year post-doc at Stevens IT in Hoboken, NJ in low temperature physics.


We married in August following graduation and will celebrate 50 years soon.

Where we’ve lived

In addition to Seattle and Hoboken, we’ve mostly lived in New Jersey until our retirement in 2001 when we moved back to PA.

My jobs

Nearly all of my employment has been in the field of low temperature gas handling engineering at what was BOC (British Oxygen Corp) which has since become Linde.

Our children / grandchildren

We have a daughter Lynn who is a children’s musician.  She writes and performs songs and has recorded several CDs.  Our son Dave is a computer programmer and lives in northern VA with his wife, Liz, and our grandsons, Fred and Charlie.  Fred is very interested in science.


I retired in 2001 and we moved back to Crawford Co. to Cindy’s childhood home outside Spartansburg.  Since then we’ve traveled to visit family and a few other “big trips” – Alaska, Ireland, Grand Canyon area.

Current activities / hobbies

Whenever weather permits, I play golf 3 times a week.  My father-in-law left quite a wood shop, so I occasionally work on stuff there, and I read a lot.

My contact Info

Address:  26242 State Hwy 89; Spartansburg, PA  16434
Phone:  814-654-7381

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