Heestand [Skinner], Diane

There are many memories . . . joyful . . . vivid learning experiences . . . and kindnesses from classmates, teachers, and staff. 

  • Moonlight on the trees and snow around Bentley
  • Kleeman approaching me on the sidewalk a few days after failing my first midterm exam in his class (my first written exam ever) and asking me how I was doing
  • Donuts and cider
  • Living in the land of Oz
  • Let out of the freshmen dorm after hours by the counselor

Education after Allegheny

Immediately after Allegheny, I attended the University of Wyoming and completed a master’s in American Civilization.  Over the next several years I completed a doctorate in educational technology at Indiana University.  After working in health professions education for many years, I completed Masters of Public Health in 2007 from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.  Most importantly there have mentors, colleagues, and friends who have helped me learn the most important lessons.


I married Bob Skinner in 2007.  At the time Bob had four grown sons and the first of four grandchildren.

Where I’ve Lived

I loved living many places.  Some of my longer stays included:  Omaha, Virginia Beach, Birmingham, AL, Macon, Los Angeles, and Little Rock.  There were shorter stays in Hangzhou, China and Jos and Enugu, Nigeria.  I never thought I would live in the South, but I’ve done so most of my life.

My Jobs

My positions were in academia with most of them in health sciences centers.  I functioned as an educationist in schools of medicine or central educational offices at the University of Arkansas at Birmingham, Mercer School of Medicine, the University of Southern California, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS).  My favorite job was helping to create a new school of medicine with an innovative curriculum in Macon, Georgia.


Bob has four sons living with their families in Princeton, St. Louis, Fayetteville, AR, and Stuttgart, AR.  We have four grandchildren: Kathryn 11, Nathan 8, Matthew 3, and Caroline 1.

Retirement and Current Activities

I retired at the close of 2013 as Associate Dean Emerita (Academic and Student Affairs in the College of Health Professions) at UAMS.  Bob retired in 2015 as Professor Emeritus after 45 years in the Department of Anatomy at UAMS.  I am enjoying the time for volunteer work with UAMS, Habitat for Humanity, Arkansas Master Naturalists, and my church.  Of course there must be time for family, golf, travel, and woodworking.

Contact Information

Address: 1 Woodstream Cove, Little Rock, AR  72211
Phone:  501-217-0017

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