Moltzau [Jaecker], Donna

I attended Allegheny only one year as a freshman commuter. Though the school did what it could to make me feel included in campus activities, my having to commute to my grandparents’ (Gasteiger) home at the edge of town made it difficult to participate. So I never did form any close personal relations with other students there. I do continue to support the school financially.

After leaving Allegheny I graduated from the University of Rochester in NY, married soon thereafter, and headed to Purdue University to obtain an advanced degree in virology and immunology. After graduate school I found a position as a supervisor in the diagnostic virology laboratory at Cook County Hospital in Chicago. About 12 years later the facility closure of my husband’s work place at ARCO led us to move with our 2 young boys to Fullerton CA. (We were grateful to still be employed !)

This spring will mark our 30th year here in Fullerton. My husband continued to work for ARCO, later BP, oil company until he retired about 5 years ago. I retired from paid work when we moved here to be able to spend time with the boys. In addition to caring for home and kids I took on a wide range of PTA and Boy Scout positions. Volunteer work at the schools and church filled more hours. One son living nearby is married and has 2 children. The other is single in Portland, OR. I continue to volunteer at the local school and with the Friends of the Library. My childhood home on Maui, HI, is now my responsibility and that takes us to the islands several times a year. I am fortunate that good health allows me to stay busy.


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Pamela White Wu
01/04/2017 at 6:09 pm


I remember you because I thought you were so nice plus you were from Hawaii! I guess we weren’t close but I would have been very honored to be considered a friend of yours.


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