Bentz, Greg

Most of those memories are pretty foggy by now… BUT I certainly remember largely being lost at AC on arrival. Having come from Novelty Ohio and being the first in my family to attend college it was like catching a cannonball. Mercifully Chuck Unger took me under his wing and saved me. I was most fortunate being in the same dorm Caflisch. with DJ, Jon Swanson and Jeff Steinbrink as I recall Bill Campbell was there as well. Soon we linked up with Rico Chamberlin and the rest as they say is history. The Phi Delt house was perfect for me: eclectic and diverse; two attributes that provide stability. I had so much fun that just couldn’t stop. See below.

Education after Allegheny

After Allegheny I went to Kent State and got my Masters in Biology. Four days later Uncle Sam called and told me to get on the bus. I spent 3 yrs with the US Army in the “garden spots” such as Ft Dix NJ, Ft Leonard Wood, Missouri ( the coldest I have EVER been) and then to Ft Benning for OCS. Where Else can you learn how to march a company of 200 men through a swamp…at night? Once commissioned I was sent to Ft Campbell, KY as a training officer. The hours were long but it allowed me to learn to skydive. I made over 70 jumps. I don’t do that anymore. The Commander said had I worked hard for him (who knew?) and said “he would take care of me”. He left for Vietnam and I became the handball and racquetball officer of Ft Campbell. My job was to stay in bed until the gym called 10 am..and they would say there was a Colonel coming at noon to play handball and could I make it? Of course! it’s my job. Then he would buy me lunch and I would go take a nap.


After the Army I went to Pittsburgh and linked up with Scott Nichols and Gene Moore. I got my PhD in Biology there and married a great girl. She worked for TWA and at the age of 30 we went all over the world. London, Paris, Lisbon, Munich, Africa- twice , Hawaii – twice, Tahiti, Moorea. Athens and the Greek Islands, Rome. After the PhD we went to DC to do a Post doctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian where I became the world’s authority on the anatomy of hummingbirds.

Where I’ve lived

After the Smithsonian I stayed in DC and taught at a small womens college. I survived there but my marriage did not. I got tenure, got promoted to Associate Professor and promptly left to go to El Paso, TX and attend medical school in Mexico. They had a program that took dentists, PhDs and veterinarians and made them MDs in 3 years. Of course it was all in Spanish which I had never taken but Hey. What do I have to lose? I passed the tests and returned to Virginia.

My jobs

We lived in Portsmouth, VA as I was a first year resident in Family Medicine at the Eastern Virginia Graduate School of Medicine. I was now 43 years old and we worked 32h shifts. A baptism by fire. As a third year I was Chief Resident. I remarried this time to the sweetest girl in the world, Anne who is 15 yrs younger than I am and we had a baby every year. We returned to N.Virginia and have been here for 20 yrs. We opened our own family practice in Sterling,VA and worked for 17+ years. Then the local hospital offered me the position of Chief Medical Officer. My job was to watch a staff of 600 doctors. Talk about herding cats! Then ….something happened. The Red Cross would no longer accept my blood donations. A normal platelet count is 150,000 – 400,000. MY platelet count was 4. Final diagnosis was aplastic anemia ie. bone marrow failure. I went to Johns Hopkins. Little did I know that they don’t do bone marrow transplants on people over 65- I was 67 so i was an experiment (great). I spent 2 months IN the hospital and my baby sister was my donor. There were two others my age. They did not make it. So now the guy who ran 9 marathons, including Boston, Disney and 7 Marine Corps Marathons can hardly make it to the mailbox…..BUT I’m alive and very grateful. So if I don’t make it to the keg party you’ll know why.

My children / grandchildren

I was one of seven kids and Anne was one of six so we compromised and we have 5 kids and 2 grandkids. My oldest Gretchen is 37 and lives in Charleston, SC. she is a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. Bailey is 28 and a nurse on Med/Surg at my old hospital. Gregory Jr. 26 is in his 3rd year of med school and will either do Fam Med or Hospitalist training. Meggie is 25 and works for Microstrategy on-boarding new employees. Our youngest is Hunter or as we call him Charlie Potatoes as he does not suffer from lack of confidence. He is 23 and interested in commercial real estate.


To me retirement means you stay home and a check comes in the mail. That’s not me. I had 2 retirement plans, one from Medicine, it was eaten up by Hopkins where the bill was $440,000. I am saving retirement from college teaching for Anne. So I am not so much retired as I am unemployed.

Current activities / hobbies

Basically I now go to gyms trying against all odds to stay in shape and I go to lots of doctors. But finally I get to read books that don’t begin with Bio or Med. It’s a wonderful life! And I am the luckiest guy in the world!

My contact Info

Address: 444 Walker Rd, Great Falls, Virginia 22066
Phone: 703-759-3740

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