Gornall, Jack

  • .10 cent coffee at the Grill, loaded with sugar
  • Hands on attention with your freshman advisor
  • Fraternity? which one ? do they want you !!!!! ???
  • Class selection ?   Any idea whatsoever ?
  • Burlap underwear
  • Those wonderful, old, beautiful, historic Allegheny buildings…..

Education/Career Post Allegheny

Graduated Dickinson School of Law & passed Pa. Bar in 1970. Practiced law for 40 years with Knox Law Firm, a 40 lawyer firm, Erie Pa as a litigator, and in later years in estates and real estate at varying times with my father, daughter, and son,   retiring in 2011.


Married Sharon Webb Gornall, the gal I traveled to Grove City College so often to court while at Allegheny, married for 50 years next August. Three children all residing in Erie with us……Jenny a 20 year Municipal Lawyer, Sally a 22 year 2nd grade teacher, and Andy a 12 year general practice lawyer. Finally, we have 6 healthy grandchildren, aged from 2 to 13 years all living with us in Erie ………….we have been blessed.


Have played way too much golf over the years, fish a week or two each year in upper Canada, active in a men’s monthly book club and have traveled throughout Europe, Japan, Hawaii, and New Zealand. The family also has a log cabin in Cook Forest and Sharon and I have recently purchased a hi-rise beach condo in Venice Fl. where we hope to spend future winter months.





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