Micklewright [Kidder], Jane

I have such wonderful memories of my years at Allegheny.  Foremost, was meeting my husband Larry  on the second day of freshmen orientation week at a “mixer dance”.  We dated all 4 years and were pinned our sophomore year and engaged at Christmas of our junior year, but we knew we planned to eventually marry as early as November, 1963 (in fact, talked about it the night JFK was assassinated).  Together we spent many great evenings first in the old Delt house and then in the new one.  Friday nights were always movie nights, a walk downtown usually with other couples, 50 cents for admission, popcorn and then the walk back afterward.  In fact a lot of time was spent walking the campus and sitting talking on benches.  The campus was beautiful no matter what the season and still is.  

Student teaching in Cleveland was a very interesting and enlightening experience.  I was assigned to a 3rd grade in a school in the Hough area of the city right after the Cleveland riots of the summer of 1966.  I never had any problems but it was always on our minds as we took public transportation back and forth each day.  

Belonging to Alpha Xi Delta brings back many memories of shared times working and playing together, learning songs for serenades and doing service projects.

The faculty were great and very supportive.  I’ve always appreciated the opportunities afforded to me from going to a small school where everyone got so much personal attention.

Education after Allegheny

Immediately after graduation both Larry and I returned to campus to take part in the 5 year master’s degree program.  We attended summer school, then taught in Hudson, Ohio and attended a weekly seminar, completing the degree work the summer of 1968.  Since earning my masters, I have taken a few courses in early childhood education at TCNJ and also taken a couple of adult ed courses at a local high school.


Larry and I were married on June 17, 1967, the Saturday after graduation, and were back at Allegheny the next day for registration for the 5 year program.  We never really had a honeymoon but have had many great trips since.  We will celebrate our 50th anniversary this coming June, shortly after reunion weekend.

Where we’ve lived

Right after graduation, we lived in an apartment on East College St. in Meadville while attending grad school.  We then moved to Twinsburg, Ohio for the 1967-68 school year while we were teaching in Hudson.  Then it was back to Meadville for the second summer of grad school.  Larry, by then, to avoid the draft had enlisted in the Navy and would report in October, 1968.  So we moved to my parents’ house in Ewing, NJ where I lived for most of the next 2 years.  I did travel with Larry for a month to Zion, IL and 2 months to Bainbridge, MD before he left for Vietnam.  After Larry returned from Vietnam, the 3 of us (our daughter Susan was born while he was in Saigon) moved to Middletown, RI for 2 years.  When Larry got out of the Navy we moved back to Ewing where we lived for 7 years.  We then became resident faculty at The Hun School in Princeton, NJ until 1992 when we moved first to Lawrenceville, NJ and then back to Ewing where we live now.

My jobs

The first year after graduating I taught 3rd grade in Hudson, Ohio.  When I moved back with my parents’ home when Larry was in the Navy I taught 4th grade in West Windsor, NJ for a summer and a semester.  I did some substituting while pregnant for our first child and then didn’t work until both girls were in school.  When our younger daughter was in kindergarten, I started teaching part time in a day care center.  When we moved to The Hun School in 1982, they offered me a job as the bookstore manager and also as a dorm parent.  I decided to try it for a year.  It was something I’d never done, but I wanted to work where I lived and with the kids I was supervising every day.  It turned into a 29 year career which I thoroughly enjoyed.  After a few years I also took on the role of community service coordinator.  In 1992 we moved off campus but I continued all other aspects of the job, just not the dorm supervision.  While community service coordinator, I frequently took students to Howell Living History Farm for a service opportunity.  Larry and I both loved helping there and became more and more involved as volunteers.  When I retired from Hun in 2010, I started working as a costumed interpreter at the farm part time.  I work with school groups, the general public, help with small animal chores and with the foodways program and love it.  

Our children / grandchildren

We have 2 daughters, Susan (Allegheny ‘92) and Debi.  Both girls are teachers, Susan teaches 2nd grade in Far Hills, NJ and Debi is head of the history department at Butler County Community College in western PA.  Both girls are married and Debi and her husband have 3 children, Hannah a college senior, Karly, a college freshmen and Reed, a high school junior.


Since retiring in June, 2010, I have become very involved at Howell Living History Farm.  I’m a member of the school program staff and together we give children on field trips hands-on experiences in such areas as ice harvesting, maple sugaring, corn planting and harvesting, wheat planting and sheep shearing and wool processing.  I spend time interpreting the farm’s 1890-1910 time period to visitors from all over the world as well as working in the kitchen with the foodways program.  

Larry and I do some traveling though less than I had anticipated when I thought of retirement.  Almost every summer we make a trip to New England to stay at a lake, kayak, visit historic sites and see relatives.  We also make several trips each year to visit our daughter Debi and her family near Pittsburgh.  Most years we attend at least one ALHFAM (Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums) conference.  These conferences have taken us to such places as Williamsburg, Sturbridge, Akron, Ohio, Nova Scotia, and Ottawa.  

I am also actively involved in the life of my church, serving as a deacon, leader of a women’s association group and I play handbells.  

Current activities / hobbies

Besides the activities listed above, I enjoy swimming and water aerobics.  I spend time knitting, sewing, crocheting and doing other handwork.  I also love to read.  Larry and I enjoy kayaking, walking (particularly at the shore) and attending local public events (speakers, musical performances, etc.)

My contact Info

Address:  9 Colleen Circle, Ewing, NJ 08638
Phone: 609 771-4115


Larry and I with our daughters, sons-in-law and grand children

Larry and I with our daughters, sons-in-law and grand children

Larry and I on a winter day beside a bobsled pulled by Jack and Chester at Howell Living History Farm

Larry and I on a winter day beside a bobsled pulled by Jack and Chester at Howell Living History Farm



Freshman Book

Freshman Book



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