Ackerly, James [Jim]

During graduation week, a bunch of us were out “playing” soccer on the main street that runs through the campus around 1 am..Paul Thomson and some Phi Gams were a part of the group…When I went back to the Phi Psi fraternity house, John (Bang Bang) Robinson for whatever insane reason threw a beer bottle at a wall as I was coming up the back stairs. The bottle shattered glass fragments that hit my head causing a lot of bleeding. Skip Haller, Larry Hobbs and Jay Sampson rushed me to the Meadville Hospital ER, but no one was around. One of them hit the fire alarm, and all kinds of fire trucks arrived at the scene. Patients were even starting to be evacuated. Crazy as I lay on a gurney bleeding profusely. Next day I had surgery to remove the glass..No anesthesia…All bandaged up for graduation day..Then had similar surgery in Japan 4 months later when I arrived there for Air Force duty. That memory stands out vividly!!

Education after Allegheny

Went directly to Yokota AFB, Japan along with Rick Upjohn, both of us ROTC commissioned officers and spent 4 yrs there as a protocol officer and passenger services officer during the Vietnam era..1967-1971…An incredible education in many respects….As a USAF protocol officer I had the opportunity to have martinis with Ricardo Montalban and met lots of what were referred to as “distinguished visitors” who were enroute to Vietnam or coming back on their return journey to the states. .What a great job! Took numerous college business courses after getting out of the Air Force…


Barbara (Doodie) Yellig, class of 68, and I were married in 1968…We spent my Air Force years in Japan where we traveled extensively in the far east, and Doodie taught English to Japanese students commuting to downtown Tokyo via train every week. We were married for 13 years having lived briefly in northern New Jersey where I worked with Scott paper in NYC after getting out of Air Force active duty..We also lived in Gainesville and Sarasota, Florida, then moved to Atlanta where we lived and worked until our marriage ended. I was single for 3 years, then married my wife wife of 30 years, Mary. Mary was communications director for the American Red Cross in Atlanta, then was hired by Agnes Scott College as Dir of Communications and served as interim Dir of Development until retirement. She is a past president of the Public Relations Society of Atlanta and was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the school of journalism at the University of Georgia.

Where I’ve lived

Predominantly in Atlanta for 35 years, now living in a small town, Hayesville, located in extreme western NC…two hours north of Atlanta, two hours from Asheville, Knoxville and Chattanooga. An absolutely beautiful community situated on Lake Chatuge, a very large Tennessee Valley Association lake surrounded by 5000 ft mountains. Population of Clay County, NC is around 11,500 residents, smallest county in the state with 65 % of the county owned by the US National Forest Service. Huge forest fires here this summer.

My jobs

Have worked in commercial real estate for my entire career. Was President of a large property management company in Atlanta, and an original partner of a company that has grown from 10 of us to now over 300 employees. Current name of company is Colliers International. Aside from the property management business I worked as a office building broker, leasing and selling Atlanta office buildings owned by major insurance companies located in New England. I enjoyed great business career with the best partners ever.

My children / grandchildren

I have a stepdaughter, Laura Cameron, Mary’s daughter and two great grandchildren, Sophie, age 15 and her brother, Ryan, age 11 who live in Cumming, Ga, a northern Atlanta suburb.


I’ve always been a very active golfer….current handicap index still 4.5……Am a member of two golf clubs in NC and GA….Started playing Pickleball 4 years ago and am now addicted to this awesome sport…If you’ve not heard of it, Google it….Jim Zeeb is also hooked on the sport which is the fastest growing sport in the US… I have traveled to over 50 countries around the world…Particularly loved a recent trip to St Petersburg, Russia and the Scandinavian nations…Went back to Vietnam and Cambodia several years ago on a river trip down the Mekong…Going to Iceland on a cruise from Southampton to Ireland in May..Just returned from The County Music Cruise where 15 music stars performed for 7 days from late morning until midnight daily…Love country music! The Amazon River, Ecuador and Peru, including Machu Picchu were also wonderful experiences. Planning an African safari.

Current activities / hobbies

Besides golf and pickleball, I’ve served on our Ridges Community property owners board for the past 8 years…Our community is a gated golf residential community of 400 lots and homes..We acquired our golf course from Wells Fargo Bank 3 years ago. I oversee the golf course maintenance operations and all maintenance operations for the community. A lot of hours, but a fabulous place to retire to.

My contact Info

Address: 91 Indian Trail, Hayesville, NC 28904
Phone: 404 580 1482 mobile

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Don Jackson
05/19/2017 at 2:05 pm

Is this THE Jim Ackerly from Roscoe, NY? The guy who burned his eyebrows off in an Ice Cream truck incident? What a small world.

Jimmy, looking forward to getting caught up with you and your wife. Haven’t seen you since my Atlanta visits while I was at Montgomery. Got lots to talk about.


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