Jaeckel [Corderman], Joan

As a freshman,  I lived in Walker but ate at South. Sophomore year, Marcia Walkowiak and I painted our gray room in Brooks blue overnight . By morning it was dry and furniture back in place -until graduation I was nervous about getting called to the dean.  Junior year having a car enabled me to teach swimming at the Y and go horseback riding somewhere north of town. When Karen Getty returned from Mexico she introduced the Alpha Chis to margaritas. Some of us formed Kappa Omega which still survives.  The night before my comp orals, Dr. Seeley called and told me me to quit preparing go to Teddy’s  for a beer with my friends.  As an alum, I served on Alumni Council, represented AC at college fairs and an inauguration at UMUC (you wear a funny  academic hat and meet lots of college presidents) and received the Allegheny Blue Award . I have always wondered why I was a “deferred matriculant“ when we started the summer before (not after) freshman year but missed fall.

Education after Allegheny

From college I  went  to Ohio University for a MA in English on an assistantship, including reading a summer at  Oxford.  Later on, went to St Louis University full time, graduating with a JD in ‘85  with  children 7 and 10 year old who spent school closing days listening to law school lectures.


The  first marriage was  a huge mistake but I learned a lot.  My second to Doug Corderman has been for 42 + years and is  still going. Strong ..despite the fact I married him when he had 4 teenagers and everyone said I was crazy.

Where I’ve lived

In grew up in the NYC suburbs which I was glad to leave.   After  college I spent 2 years in Athens Ohio, a year in Los Angeles, married and  30 years in St Louis MO suburbs, spent 18+ years in Loudoun County Virginia where we bought a farm so we could keep our horses at home, then downsized to a normal size house 2 years ago.

My jobs

My careers included  lifeguarding and  teaching  swimming and canoeing  summers and part time part time from high school until age 33,  working as a  dorm director in grad school,   teaching  English and ESL (high school and college), and  finally as an attorney-eventually specializing in Estate Planning and Elder Law. I had national certification in Elder Law and presided over 2 states’ National Academy of Elder Law Attorney Bars and as national trust group chairman for NAELA.  I learned  much about mental capacity/mental illness and financial issues in my work, things I never cared about in college.

My children / grandchildren

I have 4 stepchildren, who were teenagers when I married Doug. Then we had 2 more children Daniel is a regional manager for Shaw Industries in Wisconsin and Jean is Director of Digital Integration-for a pharmaceutical company in Phila.  I have 7 stepchildren for whom I ran a camp each summer so they could interact and we would know them better; the oldest is a USMC Band guitarist and lead singer for Sound Strike. One gets married this weekend (I am asking my husband  to cover that for me), 3 are married already and the youngest just began college. Our own younger batch consist of a 7  and 9 year old  (singer/hockey player) in Wisconsin and a 7 and  9 year old in NJ (pianist/ Chinese student/ gymnasts)…we see them more for babysitting adventures. There is one cerebral palsied great grandchild from a step-granddaughter who wins by trying hard.


My retirement happened gradually- between our horses, grandkids, travel and  eventually  retired husband I had less and less time to work but still have a license to practice law in case I need it.   I consider genealogy  my new unpaid career as Doug and I can do it together as some of our ancestors lived within an hour of each others- a strange discovery we recently made.

Current activities / hobbies

I enjoy walking my dog, painting  watercolors (sometimes selling them),  living 2 months each winter in Ixtapa Mexico (sometimes teaching ESL as a volunteer), traveling, reading, swimming, canoeing, skiing,  Kappa Omega  reunions, and church activities.  

Your contact Info

Address:  17479 Francis Farm Place Hamilton, VA 20158-3461
Phone:  540-338-1612


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05/08/2017 at 3:23 pm

Joan, I am so excited to be a part of our reunion week-end! All thanks to you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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