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I’m sure I’m not alone in this one, but I can remember using trays from the cafeteria and sliding all way down the hill from the campus into town during the winter after it had snowed (which as I recall, was pretty much every day).  It was a wild ride, but always fun.  Then trying to walk back up the hill from town to the campus in the snow was a real treat.  The saving grace was that Rose’s Pizza Villa was on the way back up to the campus!  I also remember spending some free time at Bill’s Red and White playing the pinball machine as well as walking (once again generally in the snow) out to George’s with the guys.  And who doesn’t remember timing the evening library studying so as to be at the Grill between 9:00 and 9:30 in the evening?  I also remember playing football and baseball and how much fun that was.  Finally, some of my fondest memories about Allegheny are about the people.  I am very much looking forward to our 50th reunion and reconnecting with some “old” friends.

Education after Allegheny

After graduating from Gatorland I went on to get a masters degree in sociology with a focus on criminology from Pepperdine University while I was in the Air Force and an additional masters degree in business management from National Louis University after I retired from the Air Force and was in the corporate business world.  I also graduated from the National War College in Washington, DC while serving in the Air Force.


I married my college sweetheart, Beverly Arrowsmith, a year following my graduation.  Bev was ahead of me in the class of 1966.  I was in ROTC and commissioned a lieutenant in the Air Force upon graduation.  After graduation I went back home to Montvale, New Jersey, and worked as a swimming pool guy for the summer and then in September I drove to Lubbock, Texas, where I began pilot training for the Air Force.  Bev and I got married the following June 1 in Albany, NY. Following the wedding Bev and I headed to Lubbock to begin our marriage and our 27 year Air Force career.

Where I’ve lived

I was in the Air Force for 27 years, so we moved a lot.  Following our wedding, we began our life together at Reese, AFB in Lubbock, TX, where I was attending Air Force pilot training.  From there we moved to Panama City, FL, and then to Laredo, TX, where I served as a T-38 instructor pilot for three years.  Both our children, Jennifer and Joe, were born in Laredo.  After that we moved to Salt Lake City, UT, and then to Tampa, FL, while I was training in the B-57 aircraft.  The next move took us to Sumter, SC, where I trained in the RF-4C aircraft.  After Sumter, I went to Thailand for a year flying the RF-4C in Vietnam, Laos and, Cambodia, and Bev and the kids went back to Albany, NY, for the year.  After my Vietnam tour we moved to Beale AFB, CA, (about 45 miles north of Sacramento) where we remained for over six years.  Following Beale AFB, we lived in Virginia Beach, VA, Omaha, NE, and then Washington, DC, for the next five years before moving back to Beale AFB for two years.  We left Beale AFB in 1987 for Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, SD, where we remained for over three years, and we then moved to Grand Forks AFB in North Dakota for over a year.  Following Grand Forks we moved back to Beale AFB (third time) for three years before retiring from the Air Force in 1994.  We moved 17 times in the 27 years I was in the Air Force.

Following my Air Force retirement we moved to Reston, VA, right outside Washington, DC, where we stayed for 22 years while I was working in the corporate world.  In April 2016, we moved to our current home in Gulf Breeze, FL, which is located in northwest Florida on the panhandle.

My jobs

I’ve basically had two jobs since I graduated from Allegheny.  I was in the Air force for 27 years and then in the corporate business world for 17 years working for the same company.  I was a pilot in the Air Force and got to fly some cool planes.  I was a T-38 instructor pilot right out of pilot training which was fun.  Basically I was a 23 year old first lieutenant teaching 22 year old second lieutenants how to fly jets.  What could possibly go wrong!  I then got to fly B-57 aircraft for a while before transitioning to the RF-4C aircraft that I flew in the Vietnam conflict for a year.  During that year I flew 148 combat missions.  I flew my combat missions out of Udorn Royal Thai Air Base which was located in northern Thailand.  Following that year I was selected as a pilot for the SR-71 Blackbird program.  The SR-71 flew at 85,000 feet and over three times the speed of sound and was used during the Cold War as a reconnaissance plane against the Soviet Union, China, North Vietnam, Cuba, and a few other choice spots.  Following that tour of duty I went on a five year odyssey of a joint military school in Virginia, then to the headquarters of the Strategic Air Command in Omaha, NE, where I served as the division chief for high altitude Cold War reconnaissance missions, and finally to Washington, DC, where I attended the National War College for a year.  Following that “out of the cockpit” odyssey, I went back to Beale AFB, CA, where I served as the SR-71 squadron commander for two years before being selected to head north to South Dakota where I served as the director for operations and the vice commander of the 28th Bomb Wing, flying B-1B bombers, KC-135 tankers, and EC-135 airborne command post aircraft.  I then headed up to North Dakota where I served as the wing commander of the 319th Bomb Wing at Grand Forks AFB, flying B-1B bombers and KC-135 tankers.  Following that I returned to Beale AFB again (third time) to be the commander of the Global Operations Center, responsible for worldwide airborne reconnaissance operations.  I retired from the Air Force at Beale AFB in 1994.

After my Air Force retirement, I worked the next 17 years for a company, TASC, Inc, which was located in northern Virginia close to Washington, DC.  At TASC, I focused primarily on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) support to all the services.  I retired from TASC, Inc. in 2011 as the vice president of the Joint Warfighting Operating Unit (JWOU).  We had people dispersed all over the country and the world supporting our troops, so I spent a lot of time traveling.

Our children / grandchildren

Bev and I were blessed with two wonderful children, Jennifer and Joe.  Jennifer was an Allegheny grad in 1991 and went on to be a TV newscaster and anchor for several stations in many locations.  She is now in Gulf Breeze, FL, and is a real estate agent as well as a volunteer for many community agencies.  Joe resides in Sacramento, CA, with his wife Victoria and their two beautiful girls (our grand dolls), Claire (13) and Paige (9).


Other than a little consulting, I have basically been retired the past 5 years and loving it!  Bev was concerned when I decided to retire that I would be really bored.  Well, I have loved retirement from day one, and never looked back!  We enjoy traveling, especially going to California to see the grandgirls.   

Current activities / hobbies

I really do not have any major hobbies, but I seem to be busier in retirement than I was in work.  Since getting older is a full time job, I make time every day to get out and do a good exercise walk of 3-4 miles and then go to the gym a few times a week for a workout.  I also love to hike.  Two other guys and I are hiking the entire Appalachian Trail in Virginia in sections.  We meet every spring and fall and hike for a few days each time.  We’ve seen several bear on our hikes with no bad encounters yet.  Bev and I have been hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana, and last fall I met our son Joe in Montana and we hiked for three days in the park.  I’m also a docent at the National Air & Space Museum, and since we’ve moved to Florida, I have become a docent at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola.  I like airplanes and I love talking to people, so being a docent is a natural fit for me!  I also stay active in our church as a volunteer in several areas as well as community activities.  Getting older is not for sissies, so staying really active is a goal!

My contact Info

Address:  1120 Mary Kate Drive Gulf Breeze, FL 32563
Phone:  850-733-9890

Joe someplace warm

Joe someplace warm


Joe with SR-71

2 Comments on “Kinego, Joe

Bob Anderson
01/05/2017 at 11:24 am

Joe, at one time Dick Jessup was trying to walk the trail in pieces like you are. I don’t know if he ever completed it. A piece of it is not too far from my home in Pennsylvania. Have you crossed the Susquehanna River yet? That’s the section near me.

Jim Ackerly
03/13/2017 at 6:20 pm

Joe, You had a very cool AF career.You flew some great aircraft…I spent 4 yrs at Yokota AFB in Japan with Rick Upjohn who was at Tachikawa..I was a protocol officer and had one of the most fun jobs ever…I’ve traveled to 50 countries and look forward to seeing you at the reunion in early June..Jim Ackerly


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