McFadzean, John


  • Most vivid memory was Friday, November 22nd, 1963.  As an eighteen year old kid away from home for the first time I ran into Bill Alvin in our Caflisch Hall dorm around 3:00pm.  All he said was “they shot Kennedy in Dallas Texas”.  Needless to say that was the seminal event of my young life.  Adulthood had started.
  • Being from the Chicago suburbs I was used to snow and wind, BUT nothing compared to the winters in Meadville with the lake effect snow off Lake Erie!
  • Watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show Saturday, February 9th, 1964 on the color TV at the SAE house.
  • Doing laundry downtown and going across the street to Teddy’s for a 25 cent fishbowl of beer while the clothes dried.
  • Snack shopping at the Red & White, 1:00am greasy breakfasts at the Texas Lunch, the PV (Pizza Villa)
  • Typing my Economics Senior Thesis in triplicate with carbon paper and correction tape, complete with hand drawn color charts.  Today’s seniors have it made what with Word, Excel and Powerpoint!!!
  • G-courses, Trimesters, Wednesday Chapel, 13th Plank, The Grill, working at the Bookstore, etc.


Education after Allegheny

I was fortunate that back in the 60’s you didn’t need an MBA to have a successful career.  I enjoyed my Liberal Arts degree from Allegheny, but I wanted to get right to work.  The lessons I learned on the hill (both educational and life) were the main reasons for my successful career.


I married Cheryl Burton in July 1967. We divorced 12 years later. She passed away in 1994. In 1989 I married Betty Kofoid, whom I met when I was transferred by my company to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.  Like many of my classmates stories, marriage in my early 20s was not  successful.  The good news is that after a decade of life experiences I was fortunate to meet the love of my life.  Betty and I just celebrated our 27th anniversary.  Life is good!

Where I’ve lived

  • 1945-1963  Chicago  Illinois (Glenview)
  • 1963-1967  Meadville Pennsylvania
  • 1967-1974  Akron Ohio (Kent)
  • 1974-1986  Valley Forge Pennsylvania
  • 1986-1991  Ft. Wayne Indiana
  • 1991-now   Greenville South Carolina

My jobs

During my Junior year I took a 10 week course in computer languages in the Newton Observatory.  Little did I know that it would be a precursor to my entire career.  After graduation I went to Kent Ohio where my first wife was finishing her degree and I started to interview for a job.  The BF Goodrich Tire Company said they had an opening in their Data Processing Department and would send me to IBM school in Cleveland to learn to be a programmer.  I figured that I would do that for a year or so until I discovered my life’s vocation. Well that year or so turned into 47+ years in the Information Systems and Technology Department.  Assignments involved programming, analysis, management, mentoring, etc both in the corporate and plant manufacturing environments.  In 1990 Michelin bought the BF Goodrich Tire Company and moved us from Ft Wayne   (where I met and married Betty) to its North American Headquarters in Greenville South Carolina.  I have been very fortunate to have fallen in love with my first and only vocation.  My daughters like to say “Dad nobody works 47 years for the same company in the same department anymore.  You don’t even have a resume.  You’re a dinosaur”.

My children / grandchildren

Daughter Julie    Granddaughter Amberly
Daughter Shelly  Grandsons Jacob and Henry
Daughter Kim


I retired from the Michelin Tire Corporation on April 1, 2015.  Experiencing the evolution of the computer from punched cards to the internet was a great ride.  It all started in 1966 with that 10 week class in Newton Observatory.  The biggest transition has been going from being the boss to answering to the toughest boss I have ever had, Betty :>)

Current activities / hobbies

Golf, yard work, travel; oh and baseball.  As I am typing this the Cubs (remember I am from Chicago) have just won their first world series since 1908.  GO CUBS GO!!

My contact Info

Address:  6 Spindletop Ct, Greenville, SC 29615
Phone:  864-676-2054


John & Betty celebrating the Cubs victory in the World Series


Freshman Book

Freshman Book

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