Wilcox, Michel [Mike]

In high school, I couldn’t wait to get off the farm, go to college, become a famous scientist, and get rich.  I went to Allegheny, partied too much (especially on Water Street), barely got a BS in chemistry, worked five years as an industrial engineer for Republic Steel, and returned to the farm.  (Shortly after I left, Republic Steel went down the tubes).  Back on the farm, I milked cows for about eight years, and, being naturally lazy, switched to raising corn and soybeans.  This only involved working six months of the year.

Education after Allegheny

Through no fault of Allegheny’s, I learned how much I hadn’t learned while I was there.


After I agreed to stop milking cows, Cochranton High English teacher and Indiana U of PA graduate Beth Fleming Bowser agreed to marry me.  I agreed to matrimony only if she would agree to have a red headed son.  She agreed to this only if her children, Patrick and Christina Bowser would put up with me.  The lawyers drew up the agreement; our marriage took place, and thanks to her patience in remaking a thirty four year old bachelor, it has been great.  

Where I’ve lived

I lived in Mercer County, then in Youngstown, OH, and then back in Mercer County and Venango Counties in PA.  The metropolis of Cochranton, PA extends into three counties.

My jobs

Farm worker – Industrial Engineer – Farm Worker – Agribusinessman

My children / grandchildren

Patrick is now a partner in a law firm in Lubbock, TX, and Christina is a registered nurse with AseraCare Hospice.  Red headed Clayton Wilcox teaches English, is married to an English teacher, and coaches varsity basketball near Gettysburg, PA.  I really have to watch my grammar at family gatherings.  Beth and I now have only six grandchildren, as we are much younger than our classmates.  


In 2004, I retired from both farming and another business that I started – selling the equipment to other farmers that made me such a success.  However, I’m still striving to achieve the title of Allegheny’s least illustrious graduate.  Beth has also now retired, so I’m no longer a kept man.

Current activities / hobbies

Our hobbies include gardening, visiting our young grandchildren, and cruising Lake Erie in our boat, which is the hole in the water into which I placed our retirement income.  Fortunately, our health is good, so that we can survive by getting a job at Walmart when our money runs out.

Your contact Info

Address:  1172 Old Route 322, Cochranton, PA  16314-1718
Phone:  814-724-9690 (cell) or 814-425-3858 (land line)

Freshman Book


My redheaded son Clayton, my grandson Liam Michel, Beth, and me taken in 2016

Three of our grandchildren taken in 2014 on our Lake Erie boat, Presque Isle Pearl

Benny at the helm of Presque Isle Pearl, also in 2014

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