Clendenin, Peter [Pete]

Our years at Allegheny were always exciting–sometimes too much so.  Some of my fondest memories are singing with Woo and the Wonderfuls, SAE parties, keg parties at Woodcock, all-night bull-sessions and the Fantasticks.  Social and Academic probation after one year had a terrific effect on my attitude.  I started to pay more attention to what Allegheny really offered. Little did I know that Poli-Sci professors George Cole, John Kessel and Eli Silverman would lead me to a career in government.

Education after Allegheny

After four years in the Air Force, I attended graduate school at SUNY Albany and graduated with an MPA.  Eli Silverman continued to be a great mentor and kept prodding me in useful directions.


Karen Christaldi and I met during our high school years when we both worked at a girls camp in Vermont.

We dated off and on and were married in 1972.  This year we’re celebrating our 45th anniversary.  Karen attended Northwestern where we recently attended her 50th anniversary.  It’s fun for us to compare our very different college experiences.

Where we’ve lived

The Air Force had me in living in some unusual places.  Whiteman AFB in Missouri and then Vandenberg AFB in California.  Launching the big missiles off the California coast was great fun, but I didn’t see myself doing this as a career. I enjoyed living in California and almost stayed there after my four  years were up, but there was this girl in Boston I was dating (Karen) so love won out.

After Graduate school  and marriage, we both lived in Albany where I worked for the State Legislature and Karen taught in Kinderhook.  An opportunity in Richmond, Va had us move to this beautiful city where we lived for 40 years.  In 2010 we built a house on the Chesapeake, and now live in Tidewater Va.

My Jobs

I worked for the legislatures of both New York and Virginia–mostly doing policy.   It felt like I went from the most liberal to the most conservative government in one move.  After four years with the Legislature I was asked to work in the Va. Governor’s Cabinet where fire fighting and making good on campaign promises are routine.  I thoroughly enjoyed working on health policy issues, reorganizing bureaucracies and improving health outcomes. After a new Governor was elected we were shown the door.  

This created an opportunity that has lasted for 35 years.  I started work in government relations (lobbying) as the President of a non-profit representing health care providers.  The work was often intense negotiating new Medicaid and Medicare payment plans. Prior to my retirement in 2010 I was in DC running a national health care provider group.  With Obamacare’s passage I was done.

Our Children / Grandchildren

Well, along the way these three kids showed up.  Two girls and a boy.   This has really been some fun!  Seems like 5 minutes ago we were up all night, doing homework, coaching, grounding, sweating college applications, and fighting tears at graduations and marriages.  Our oldest Heather works in San Francisco with foster kids and is due with her first in July.  Kelly teaches high school in DC and has a four year old daughter, and Ken is a lawyer, has a 9  month old son and negotiates IT  contracts.


Retirement has been more active than I anticipated.  Travel, volunteering, sailing, fishing and golf fill up our days.  We’ve done some rigorous travel to New Guinea, India, SE Asia and Australia.  Last year we did a Danube river cruise with Eric (‘66) and Cindy Loeb.  I just finished a stint as chair of our local Y where we’re trying to raise $2M for a new building and I’m  also working with a local archaeology group.  Seems busier now than when I was working!

We stay in touch with Bill and Cheri Dean, Eric and Cindy Loeb and Barry and Susan Bradford.  They attended Ken’s wedding and believe it or not–we all wore tuxedos!

My contact Info

Address: 98 Golden View Hallieford, VA 23068
Phone:  804-725-1930

Freshman Book


Family at Wedding

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