Allen, Robert [Bob]

My four years at Allegheny was the time in my life when all things seemed possible.  I remember having very positive feelings about the college, my classmates, and our collective future.  I was convinced of the essential goodness of all people.  I was very optimistic and also very naive.   My years at Allegheny were when I really grew up and I am very grateful to the school for the opportunities I was given.  

I have many memories, my hallmates on Baldwin Hall freshman year,  my fraternity, Alpha Chi Rho, (now defunct at Allegheny), and the  fraternity brothers who were collectively a  good group of people and  good citizens of the college community.  Of the people I have kept in contact with since Allegheny almost all were fraternity brothers.

I remember fraternity hell week (initiation) and all the things we had to do to prove our worthiness the such as the scavenger hunt we went on which included buying a live piglet to take back to the frat  house.  We fed it a diet of milk and  beer for a week before giving him back to the farmer for free before we harmed it!  I remember being blindfolded with my pledge class and let off  in a desolate area miles from the college and expected to find our way back.  Fortunately, one of our pledge class Bob Terrill was from Meadville, and in about two minutes he figured out where we were and how to get home.  

I remember learning how to drink beer (non-academic credits were awarded for this)  and play drinking games such as Thumper.  We stood around a large table, and drummed on it with our hands (hence the thumper) while we had to do some kind of memory sequence when called on.  The loser had to chug his beer.  I remember parties with rooms full of mattresses on the floor.  My memory seems to stop there…

Our fraternity did not serve meals on Sunday night.  Going to Teddy’s and having a burger and a bowl was a highlight that brought some sunshine at the end of every week. I can never remember a burger tasting better than there.

I remember sitting on the couch  with a date in the frat house listening to Johnny Mathis and Barbra Streisand records.  I remember listening to Simon and Garfunkel and the Beatles.  I remember playing touch football and getting concussed and spending a night in the vaunted infirmary and surviving.  I remember the Greek Sing which we tried so hard to win every year but never succeeded.  

I remember a lot of my professors.   Dr. Walsh (E.J.) who got so excited during his organic chemistry lectures he started writing on the walls when he had already filled the blackboard with equations.  I remember Dr. Paul Cares in English History and the bawdy stories he told us about the kings and queens of Europe.  I remember Dr. State in General Chemistry inhaling helium and talking like a duck.  Before that I never thought he had a sense of humor.  I remember Professor Lynn teaching us music appreciation which opened up a whole new world to me.   I remember the dinners where we had to dress up and sit boy girl boy girl at South Hall and I remember the food, especially mystery meat which drove us  all to frequent Rose’s Pizza.

Education after Allegheny

After Allegheny I went to Harvard Medical School along with one of our classmates Kees Kolff.  Life flew by there very quickly and then I went to Los Angeles and did an internship and residency in internal medicine for 3 years in the UCLA Hospital System.  I then spent two years in the Air Force as a physician at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama and after that did 2 years of cardiology fellowship training at Penn State University Medical Center in Hershey, Pa.  Many years later, I went back to school at the Harvard School of Public Health and received a Master’s Degree in Health Care Management just after my 61st birthday.


I married Marybeth Stout Class of 1969.   We did not really meet until last semester of our senior year so I almost missed out.  She  actually graduated early in December 1968 so we could be married earlier.  She has been my greatest good fortune in life and has stood by me  supported me for over 48 years.  She presented me with 4 children each of whom is a priceless gift.  I am a very lucky man.

I remember I met her in the Library and w started seeing each other there and would take a break and go to the grill for coffee.  She would finish hers in about 2 minutes but I took my time with mine and extended the break from 5 minutes to 20.  Since that day I have learned to drink my coffee slow!

Where we’ve lived

We lived in Boston, Massachusetts, Redondo Beach, California, Montgomery, Alabama, Hershey, Pennsylvania and Bangor, Maine.  We have retired to Orland, Maine on Toddy Pond.

My jobs

I worked as a cardiologist for Northeast Cardiology Associates in Bangor, Maine from 1978 to 2011.  I was on staff at two hospitals, the Eastern Maine Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital.  I started a cardiac rehabilitation program at EMMC in 1980 and it has grown into a Cardiac Wellness Program.  I started a clinic at Northeast Cardiology to treat patients with high cholesterol levels.  I started a program where we trained physician extenders (both Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners) to do routine cardiac testing and evaluation.  I also served as President of the Medical Staff at EMMC and as Chief of Cardiology and Medicine at St. Joseph.

After I went back to school in 2005, I started working part time and later full time as Executive Medical Director of Penobscot Community Health Care a Federally Qualified Health Center which served 50,000 patients and provided primary care and dental care.  I was proud to be part of making quality healthcare more accessible to people who had medicaid or no insurance at all and became convinced through this work that health care for all in this country should be a right and not a privilege.  

Our children / grandchildren

Benjamin is a software engineer and works for Cadence Design Systems in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  He lives in Litchfield, NH. with his wife Kimberly.  2 Grandsons:  Erik 26 is a chef and Ted 21 a student in electrical engineering at Merrimack College.

Rebecca is a gynecologist at Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island and is an Associate Professor of Gynecology at Brown Medical School.  She and her husband Guido have a son Giovanni 11 and a daughter Sylvie 4.

Daniel is an Assistant Professor of Ecology at Oklahoma University, in Norman, Oklahoma.  He and  his wife Whitney have two children Maggie 4 and Charlie 4 months.

Josiah is a computer programmer and systems analyst and works for Solers, Inc. in Arlington, Va.  He and his wife Jacquin live in Fairfax, Virginia and have a daughter Caris who is 4.  

Current activities  

I have been retired for 3 years.  My wife and I keep  busy visiting family and covering for them when the need childcare.  We try to walk everyday.  I study Spanish to keep the brain cells working.  I am active in our church in Bangor, ME and chair the Missions and Staff Parish Relations Committees as well as sing in the choir.  I am on the Board of Directors of Penobscot Community Health Care a large Federally Qualified Health Center.  We like to travel and most recently were in Italy last September in Tuscany and Puglia.  

Our contact Info

Address:  213 Long Point Way, Orland, ME 04472
Phone:  207-944-4559

Freshman Book

Bob, Jack Bingham ’67, Marybeth ’69 and Ben in California 1972

The Crows– Jack Bingham 67, Art Nagel ’67, Paul Stefanacci ’66, Bob

Bob and Marybeth 40th Anniversary

Bob, Sons Ben and Josiah, Daughter Rebecca 70th birthday


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