Scott, Steve

As the first in my family to attend college my most vivid memory is of the fear of not knowing what to expect.  Another memory comes from the great times (believe it or not) that I had working in the cafeteria.  Then, there was the Student Chaperon Committee. What a great job. I don’t think any fraternity was ever cited for a violation during my tenure. These two situations gave me a chance to get to know many wonderful people, who to this day I still vividly recall and smile happily when I do so. One final memory—Nels Juleus.  I kept in touch with Professor Juleus until he lost his struggle with Alzheimer’s.  I just couldn’t forget the impact he had on my life in and out of the classroom.

Education after Allegheny

Masters in communications at Case Western Reserve and all-but-dissertation for the Doctorate at Pitt.  To repay these institutions I respectively served as coach and assistant coach for their debate teams.


Jean and I eloped to Mexico 48 years ago while I was stationed in Texas. To make our parents happy we later went through with a formal wedding in Pittsburgh.   

Where we’ve lived                                         

Rockville, MD was home for most of my professional life. In the it’s a small world category—Susan Blind(Allegheny ’65) was our childrens” Montessori teacher, AJ Katz did our wills, Sue Eckstrom worked on the local paper, and Bob McClung had an office in the building where I worked.  Now, Jean and I reside on a few acres near the thriving metropolis of Ball Ground, GA (population 1,658), which is about twenty miles from where I was born.

My jobs

After an active duty assignment in Texas with the USAF Security Service, I accepted a position with the Atomic Energy Commission in Washington, DC.  That was when opportunity knocked.  Dr. Glenn Seaborg, the discoverer of Plutonium and then Chairman of the AEC needed a ghost writer. For the next few years I wrote articles and speeches for him and other political appointees throughout the Federal government. In 1975 opportunity knocked again when the Nuclear Regulatory Commission asked me to write an assessment of how effectively the agency was managing its information.  That report recommended the creation of an organization to apply technology to information management. To my surprise I was asked to take a position in the new organization, and that, as they say, has made all the difference.  Aside from a sabbatical in 1986 for a Congressional Fellowship, my career focused on the management of nuclear information, and in 2002 I retired as Chief Information Officer for Environment, Safety and Health, Department of Energy.

Our children / grandchildren

Jennifer is a lawyer in NY and NJ.  Jeffrey (named for his Godfather, Jeff Elias, Allegheny,’68) has a government administration position in MD. Each has given us a boy and girl to dote on.


After retiring I did what many former government folks do and became a consultant.  Best job ever. Most of my work was with the intelligence community—FBI, NGA, State, IAEA, Energy and Homeland—and involved electric records management.  Each year I have done less and less, until I am almost cured of the urge to do it.  I also served as an Adjunct Professor at a nearby college until last year when the Millennials finally convinced me it was time to move on.

Current activities / hobbies  

I currently serve on the Board of Directors for our tri-county regional library system. I also have become a Master Gardener through the University of Georgia.  As a member of the Georgia Native Plant Society, I go to construction sites to rescue native plants (Jean calls them weeds).  We also love to travel and have a formidable bucket list. And, we enjoy visiting and being visited by friends from Allegheny.  So, anyone travelling through GA, y’all are welcome to spend some time with us.

My contact Info

Address:  350 Upper Bethany Trail. Ball Ground, GA 30107
Phone:  770-704-0285



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