Luine, Victoria [Vicky]

I remember:  Being awed by such an amazing campus, all brick and ivy.  RAIN.  Making nice, interesting, new friends.  RAIN.  Attending amazing classes.  RAIN.  Getting tonsillitis, but having a great infirmary.  Watching Organic Chemistry experiments explode!  RAIN.  Performing in Orchesis dance productions and the Variety show, and more RAIN AND SNOW! 

Education after Allegheny

PhD in Pharmacology, SUNY Buffalo


See below

Where I have lived

Buffalo – moved there after graduation and lived with Ann Lignian for three years, a fellow Allegheny Alpha Chi (we never ran into any Alleghenians???).  Then to NYC’s Rockefeller University for post doctoral study.  Met amazing Allegheny Alums Nancy Sutton, Silas Mountsier and John Bair, much older but so welcoming to a young person; we call them mentors now.  We went on a walking tour of downtown Manhattan with Prof. Luvas, I think (it actually rained!!).  They “encouraged” me to become Alumni President/Organizer, and we had many amazing Alumni events including “re-meeting” my husband, David Russell, not only a 1967 Alleghenian but also from my hometown! 

Manhattan and then Brooklyn, NY – We have lived in a wonderful Victorian brownstone for almost 40 years.  We also have homes in East Hampton on Long Island (summer) and Austin, TX (winter).  We spent a few months living in Tokyo on a sabbatical, a really amazing city and culture.

My Jobs

So interesting to read everyone’s stories and jobs because I have had only two jobs, Rockefeller University and Hunter College of the City University of New York, where I do mostly research and some teaching.  I am now an Emerita Professor, as of about a year ago, but still remain active in the lab.  As a Neuroendocrinologist, my research focuses on the effects of stress and gonadal hormones on memory and mood (animal models).  We have also done work on aging and drugs of abuse.  Just recently returned from a meeting in St Petersburg, RU and visited Pavlov’s lab where the famous experiments on conditioning with dogs were done.  Also attended ballet, opera and the amazing Hermitage Museum, highly recommend St. Petersburg.

Our Children

Our son, Rich, is a singer/songwriter living in Austin, TX.  He and his band, The Lonesome Heroes, have released a few CDs, appeared on numerous NPR stations, have U-tube postings, perform in Austin  and tour mostly west of the Mississippi and up the west coast to Portland (Please check them out if they are in your neighborhood; he needs the money!!).  Their genre is quite eclectic; The Cactus Café, an iconic Austin venue, recently described their music as “Lonesome Heroes Transcendental Texas folk and stargaze surf-western, with psychotropic soundscapes of tranquil, vivid dream-pop.”  Well, it’s sort of country, and they played the SXSW music festival this spring.  He is our son but definitely got a mix of our genes!


I “sort of” retired about a year ago but haven’t developed any new activities or hobbies as we decided to sell our Austin condo and bought a house which we have been renovating, our fifth reno, I think.  Also remain active in research and writing.  Anxious to get some leads from my former classmates. 

Contact Info

Address:  103 Kent Street Brooklyn, NY 11222-2103
Phone:  917 232 1213


Freshman Book

David & I

Vic & Rich, Jan-2017


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