Schaerer, Wendy

I spent my freshman year at Allegheny and then transferred to Drew University in New Jersey.  In addition to having transferred out, I was one of a small number of freshmen women who lived in Brooks Hall, so, though I had some friends in our class, I has as many or more in other classes.   I may at some point come to a choir reunion – being in Chapel Choir is one of my best Allegheny memories.

I majored in political science at Drew University with minors in French and economics.  I was very fortunate to participate in the first Drew semester in Brussels focusing on what was then called the “Common Market” – a wonderful experience.

After graduating, I spent a year in New York City then two- plus years in the Peace Corps in Brazil, where I still maintain some important personal ties.  I got a Masters Degree in Education at U. Mass. and started working in admissions at Rutgers University.  After about 8 years,  I moved to Cornell University where at different times I worked in international student advising and admissions.  I did both domestic and international recruitment travel through much of the world, and was involved in some professional activities that took me back to Brazil.  I also adopted a baby daughter there in 1985.  My daughter is now 31 and living in Los Angeles.  Over the years I also had the opportunity to serve on boards of women’s groups, school committees etc.  I’m now retired and living in Ithaca where I help a local Burmese refugee family and am active in the Unitarian Society of Ithaca, ( including singing in the choir).

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Address:  700 Warren Rd Apt 21-1a Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone:  607-257-0619

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